Social Media And Campaigns For Classic Ibiza

Doubling the reach to over 4.5M


Client: Revival Productions
Sector: Events and entertainment
Service: Social media | Content | Marketing Strategy


In August 2016, Revival Productions launched Classic Ibiza, an open air concert performance of popular ‘90s dance tracks, and organised the first concert at Blickling Hall in Norfolk with 4,000 attendees. It was a success and the organisers subsequently put on four concerts in 2017, three of which at new venues, and saw attendees rocket to nearly 20,000. In 2018, Classic Ibiza took place at six venues across the UK between June and September after a campaign which launched the previous autumn and finished shortly after the last concert.

The brief was:

  • Launch two new venues
  • Relaunch two concerts that moved to a new location, but were close to the venues used in 2017
  • Increase the audience at the final two locations which remained the same as 2017
  • Sell more tickets at existing venues then the previous year
  • Match 2017 sales figures at the new venues

Facebook then threw a curve ball in January 2018 with major changes to its algorithm. This change resulted in brands’ posts receiving a reduced organic reach because posts from friends were given priority in a user’s newsfeed. However, the Classic Ibiza project still needed to achieve the targets set out in the brief.


The Challenge

Understanding the algorithm change and why it was introduced was key to keeping our reach, engagement and sales on target. The update centred on users having more ‘meaningful interactions’ with friends and family.

  • Create posts that naturally encouraged engagement
  • Post directly into Facebook Events rather than solely on the main page
  • Encourage engagement with content without directly saying ‘like’, ‘share’ or ‘follow’


The Results

The campaign performed well and managed to exceed some of the stretch targets for 2018 despite the algorithm change.

The results:

  • Two new venues were launched and both sold out ahead of the event
  • The two relaunched concerts that moved to a new location both saw an increase in sales compared to 2017
  • The final two locations both sold out reaching their maximum capacity head of the night
  • The page grew to over 12,000 likes and followers, an increase of nearly 7,000

Classic Ibiza can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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