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Producing highly optimised local content across the UK

Client: Zoopla
Sector: Property
Service: SEO | Content

In 2016, Zoopla developed a ‘three pillar’ business model, which aimed to target people at different stages of the home-buying and renting process. The first pillar aimed to catch the attention of people looking to move to a new area.

This approach included generating content on areas that internet users were researching and so draw them to the Zoopla site and prompt them to look at sales pages.

Zoopla required valuable, detailed and – above all – search engine optimised content on different locations around the UK.

Using data gathered by Zoopla, we developed a list of the most popular locations researched on Zoopla’s website. Using keyword planning, we then identified key phrases for inclusion in each article.

Extensive research was then carried out on each location. Key information was gathered on favourite neighbourhoods, new developments, transport, schools, house prices and things to do.

Dialogue then created fact-filled, useful guides for each area using keywords identified.


Dialogue created 200 articles of 1,000-1,500 words with 20 articles delivered each month. The length of the articles ensured that plenty of detail and value would be delivered to the reader, as well as encouraging them to stay on the page for longer.

The new pages ranked strongly for their keywords. In just five months, the articles had a number one ranking for 72 search terms on Google with another 121 search terms for Zoopla’s articles appearing in the top three.


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