Multimedia Content For Porsche Club GB

Developing the member experience through content

Client: Porsche
Sector: Automotive
Service: Magazines | Video | Advertising

Porsche Club GB is Europe’s largest Porsche enthusiasts club with 19,000 loyal members. The Club seeks to inform, entertain and connect with its members, making Porsche Post magazine a vital tool for the Club’s communication strategy.

Porsche Club GB wanted the overall quality of the magazine to be improved, bringing it in line with the Porsche brand itself, and positioning it as a premium title that reflects the club’s ambitions and values.


The magazine is the most important and reliable communication method the Club has and consideration of its relevancy, positioning and design was crucial.

The magazine needed to position as a premium product whilst remaining accessible to members and keeping in tune with Porsche owners’ experiences.

Since Dialogue came on board, the design and photography has grown in originality and creativity while editorial tactics around word count, storytelling arcs, new templates and style guides have given the content greater readability.


Membership has grown as a direct result of the successful evolution of Porsche Post from 14,000 members in 2015 to 19,000, a net growth of 4,000 over a 24-month period.

Attendance at Clubs has also grown by 50% and the client believes this can be directly attributed to the way events are previewed and reported.

Member retention has been really strong too (88%).

Dialogue also extended the lifestyle appeal of PCGB by creating the Marque 9 magazine – an additional benefit for members which features exclusive content and interviews with leading professionals in the worlds of fashion, food, travel, art and design.

Chris Seaward, general manager at Porsche Club GB, praised Dialogue’s efforts: Dialogue has gone from being a magazine supplier to shaping a new publication, TV channel and conducting regular meetings.

Porsche Post and Marque 9

“If you need a signal regarding how much belief, time and energy we put into the relationship, it’s shown in that we’re now into a new five-year agreement. There’s a shared goal between client and agency to create something that is industry-leading and we’re well on the way to doing that.

“The team at Dialogue has demonstrated their capability and expertise, taking some of the creative and editorial decisions away from us and asserting their professional skill in making the magazine look better.

“Us letting go and giving that autonomy has been transformational; it means we get a much improved magazine that is better served, better proofed, better designed and better written, alleviating the pressure we have internally, with the people benefitting the most being the members.

“This collective creative excellence has allowed the magazine to prevail and that continual desire to make the magazine better is pushing it forward consistently.”



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