Luxury Lifestyle And Brand Content For Bentley Motors

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Client: Bentley Motors

Sector: Automotive | Luxury

Service: Printed magazine | Photography | Video



Dialogue was tasked with redesigning the existing Bentley Magazine into a modern luxury publication which would engage both existing and prospective customers – reflecting the quality of the brand’s marque and its luxury lifestyle associations.

The Challenge

Bentley Motors is a global leader in luxury automotive approaching its centenary milestone in 2019. The design and editorial content of the magazine must appeal to the brand’s loyal and new customers across global markets.

The Results

We designed a modern luxury magazine that moved the reader experience from just 2-D to an interactive multi-channel one. Design principles were based around making each issue memorable, collectible and uniquely Bentley. We designed brand playability into the front covers by adding some personality to the Bentley ‘B’ as it moves around the cover interacting with the lead subject matter.

We adopted ‘anti-design’ principles throughout layouts to make the magazine more contemporary while still retaining a luxury high quality feel.

Co-ordinating, commissioning and attending multiple photoshoots across the world, the Dialogue team are meticulous in ensuring the best photography is delivered for the magazine.

As Dialogue’s content and brand director Ryan Battles put it: ‘Our goal was to break the mould of automotive titles and create an extraordinary magazine for an extraordinary brand.’

The magazine which has a healthy balance of Bentley product and luxury lifestyle stories has attracted new advertisers and strengthened the overall commercial performance.

‘The stylish new direction of our magazine is a great fit for the Bentley brand and is executed well,’ said Rochelle MacDonald, Bentley Motors.

Award winning: In 2019 Dialogue’s Bentley team scooped accolades at the International Content Marketing Awards: Gold for Designer of the Year (Rich Berry); Silver for Best Use of Print; and Bronze for Editor of the Year (Cathy Wood)