Multimedia Content And Communities Strategy For The Harley-Davidson Owners Group

A partnership of 10+ years creating content for this iconic brand

Client: Harley-Davidson
Sector: Motorcycles
Service: Magazines | Web | Social | Video | Newsletters | Events

The Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.), the official riding club of Harley-Davidson, offers a wide variety of member benefits, membership options and events. The work we do for H.O.G. connects a passionate community of one million members across the globe.

We initially began creating content for the EMEA region in 2006. From our original brief to create HOG magazine for EMEA members in six different languages, we now create content for social channels across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, send out newsletters to a 75,000-strong email database, and produce 10 magazines in 8 languages, digitally and in print, with a total distribution of more than 100,000.

We event manage the Custom Bike Show at H.O.G. rallies across Europe and produce live social reporting that has a reach of more than 200,000. We’ve designed and built a H.O.G. image gallery (currently on 20,000 images) as well as a H.O.G. app. We launched an effective brand partnership between H.O.G. and another Dialogue client, Jeep, which sees this iconic brand sponsor the bigger rallies around Europe, again supported by our social marketing strategy.

In 2009 our scope expanded to producing the magazine for Latin America and Canada. However, in late 2015, Dialogue took a quantum leap in becoming the first non-American agency ever to produce the iconic US edition of HOG magazine. Supplemented by a beautifully conceived tablet edition, this magazine reaches more than 650,000 members across the US.

Dialogue now produces content for more than 90 per cent of the world’s H.O.G. members, using its extensive experience of working with different cultures, languages and ideologies to produce a comprehensive and compelling content package for the world’s largest factory-sponsored motorcycle group.

Hayley Jones, project manager marketing, H.O.G. EMEA, said: ‘We’re very impressed with both the Archant Dialogue team’s creativity and its understanding of the updated brand goals Harley-Davidson set out in 2018.

‘From imagery and design evolution, to the creation of a more up to date voice that speaks to newer generations of H.O.G. members, it has been a year of very positive change. Communications have evolved, from magazine to Social Media, and the very close working relationship we have with the team at Archant Dialogue inspires confidence and trust.’

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