Digital marketing campaign for JING Tea

Expanding the B2C audience with a Christmas marketing campaign


Client: JING Tea

Sector: Luxury | FMCG

Service: Campaign design and digital marketing



Premium tea brand JING Tea asked Dialogue to design a digital Christmas campaign targeted mainly at existing customers, inspiring them to gift JING’s tea collections to friends and family. The campaign featured several elements, including a launch creative with animation and separate designs for three products, each of which were delivered across Facebook, Instagram, the JING Tea website, display advertising formats and a printed promotions card.


Provenance, authenticity and storytelling are key to the JING Tea brand, so our creative ideas had to remain true to the individual tea products and their origins. JING Tea is also a modern luxury brand with an unfussy visual tone that reflects a sense of calm and sophistication, so Christmas clichés were to be avoided.


Dialogue presented a number of campaign concepts and progressed with a series of bespoke watercolour illustrations representing the remote origins of each tea product from China and Taiwan.

Working closely with the artist, we created dream-like watercolour illustrations for three of the main Explorer Sets. The images highlighted notable landmarks from each of the tea-growing regions with product and packaging photography positioned in the foreground. The ethereal colours and snowy effect created a wintery, mystical scene.

JING Tea artwork

Dialogue also created the campaign tagline: “Teas to discover. Gifts to remember” playing on the joy of gifting and the delight of those discovering a new world of exquisite tea. A separate tagline was created for the JING website: “This Christmas, share the joy of tea exploration” inviting existing customers to share this luxury tea experience with friends and family.

JING Tea flyer