Content Creation For Canon Europe

Technical, enthusiastic and knowledgeable content to promote Canon Europe’s products and services across digital marketing channels.

Client: Canon Europe

Sector: Retail | Technology

Service: Website copy | Brochures | E-mail content


Canon Europe required Dialogue to produce content for new products and services and update existing offerings. This B2C and B2B content would be produced for their main website, e-commerce site, emails to customers, and brochures for both internal and external use.

The Challenge

Dialogue had to demonstrate agility and flexibility in order to meet multiple content creation deadlines. Work is ad hoc and can be briefed in any form at any time from Canon’s teams across Europe. Subject matter, style and format can vary widely from project to project, from writing a product web page for business printers to producing a brochure for a cinematic camera. Web pages and other e-content are also highly templated with bespoke styles and character counts.

Many product launches are under strict embargo and require extra security measures in order to safeguard their unique features. We keep protection high with a range of security systems in the process.

The Results

Dialogue has created a vast number of web pages for new products, ranging from new software to the latest high-spec flatbed printers, all of which convey Canon Europe’s confident, enthusiastic tone of voice. Many of the products are technically complex and deliver informative detail in a knowledgeable way, gained through information supplied by Canon Europe and extensive interviews with their product team.

We have also written, designed, printed and delivered brochures to showcase Canon Europe’s cinematic camcorders, cameras and displays. These were successfully distributed at the IBC Conference in Amsterdam in 2018.

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