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Multi-channel member engagement for the British Motorcyclists Federation

Content marketing from membership magazine to multi-channel strategy

Client: British Motorcyclists Federation
Sector: Motorcycles | Membership

The brief

The British Motorcyclists Federation represents its members and motorcyclists everywhere, and lobbies policymakers at local, national and European level on issues that protect their safety and freedom to ride. To do this, the Federation needs effective communications, both internally and externally, to help shape the conversation around issues affecting today’s biker. Its members also constitute a vibrant community of diverse interests, so it wanted to help them feel closer to the wider Federation, too.

The challenge

The challenge was to communicate effectively with the BMF’s members as an internal audience, while also connecting with a vast external audience of bikers who may become members one day, and policymakers at all levels.

The remit

  • Design
  • Editorial
  • Art Direction
  • Web
Inside motorcycle magazine
Inside the motorcycle magazine
Motorcycle magazine centre spread
Rider magazine cover

The result

The first challenge was met with the BMF’s magazine, Motorcycle Rider. The quarterly publication provided news, views, features and guides to thousands of BMF members and helped inform, educate and entertain them. In time, this was complemented by a fortnightly eNewsletter that took the BMF’s key news and events directly to the inboxes of thousands of bikers.

The second challenge was met with the development of a dedicated website and a suite of social media channels that allowed the BMF to communicate easily and quickly beyond its membership. By joining wider conversations and making its own news and views available to share easily, it came to the attention of even more bikers and policymakers – crucial constituencies to reach for an organisation with such a mission.

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Client’s thoughts

l feel that so much of the relationship between the BMF and Archant goes beyond the regular client basis”

Jim Freeman, Chairman
British Motorcyclists Federation

BMF Quote

“It’s incredibly rewarding to work with such an engaged group of members. Their passion comes across no matter who you speak to and our work with the British Motorcyclists Federation is a real celebration of everything this diverse group of enthusiasts has to offer”

Cathy Wood, Head of Content

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