Automotive Marketing Report – Updated for 2019!

In 2018, we created our first Automotive Marketing Report looking at how consumers respond to advertising and marketing messages.

Polling 1,000 consumers with 50% of them looking to buy a car in the next 12 months, we wanted to explore just how effectively the sector is building relationships with consumers, how new developments in the industry are being communicated and whether car brands' marketing could be improved. 

The results were fascinating, showing that the majority of us as consumers appear to be highly resistant to typical car marketing approaches, let alone experimental new tactics like AR or VR.

Our Automotive Marketing Report pointed to a much more sophisticated approach necessary, both to build brand awareness let alone sell them cars. Furthermore, when it comes to selling consumers new types of car like hybrids and electric cars, so much more is needed in the way of content to help educate consumers.

Key takeaways:
– 43% of car buyers have no specific interest in car brands
– One in four people don't trust any car marketing

– Only 34% of consumers agree there is enough information on #electriccars

But we wanted to go much further with the report beyond just looking at the kinds of messages that were necessary and in what channels. We therefore partnered with data insight software Pulsar to update the report and unearth what users are really talking about when it comes to cars – and hence give us an understanding of what consumers are interested in.

There are still some universal truths, consumers talk about price, safety and technology, but it would seem there are other messages very important to users, particularly fun and the environment.

But even when it comes to messaging around price, safety and technology, we can see these skew differently online and provide various opportunities for car brands.

New takeaways:

– People are talking about safety of their pets in relation to cars – and this message is particularly resonant for women

– Cyclists are involved in all types of conversations about cars online

– Even in the luxury sector, users are having conversations about price

The report is created for anyone working in the automotive industry from the brands themselves through to dealerships and agencies, both on and offline.  We hope you find it useful.

Download the report below.

Download: Dialogue's Automotive Marketing Report

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