Using data to create a brand magazine for luxury automotive consumers

The idea of using data to create a brand magazine isn’t always explored when it comes to planning content for printed publications. Often a content agency may be called on to simply editorialise the brand and use journalistic nouse to understand the target consumer and generate editorial that will interest them. Using data to create … Continued

Repeat customers and the power of brand communities

In our new report, The Power of Brand Communities, we look at how they play an important role in generating repeat customers. Brand communities are not necessarily a new thing – they sometimes constitute membership clubs – but are (and should be) increasingly part of the loyalty marketing mix providing a unique experience for consumers … Continued

Automotive Marketing Report – Updated for 2019!

In 2018, we created our first Automotive Marketing Report looking at how consumers respond to advertising and marketing messages. Polling 1,000 consumers with 50% of them looking to buy a car in the next 12 months, we wanted to explore just how effectively the sector is building relationships with consumers, how new developments in the … Continued

Dialogue: Infographic – Brand Communities and Loyalty (High Resolution)

Download a high resolution copy of Dialogue’s Benefits of Brand Communities infographic. Understanding what consumers want from brand communities and what makes them advocates is highlighted in this infographic which focuses on the luxury, automotive and travel sectors. You can find out more in Dialogue’s The Benefits of Brand Communities report.