The Dialogue Automotive Marketing Report 2019

The latest insights on the state of automotive marketing

Content marketing agency Dialogue revealed findings from the Automotive Marketing Report 2018/2019 at a central London Breakfast Briefing on 29th November.

Few industries are on the cusp of such wholesale disruption as the automotive sector.

A recent BBC article has predicted that most people in the UK have probably already bought their last car.

Technology will develop over the next decade to such an extent that the private car will become obsolete, analysts claim. Instead, an army of affordable, automated cars will be readily available to drive people wherever they need to go.

While the future is inherently unpredictable, it seems safe to foresee that automotive brands will need to fundamentally transform their offer in the near future. And, while it’s hugely difficult to determine exactly how this new offer will look, we can also safely say that those car brands that fail to sufficiently adapt their offer to better meet consumer requirements in the present will struggle in the transformed future.

With the stakes so high – and the future viability of the automotive brands in question – we wanted to explore just how effectively the sector is building relationships with consumers, how new developments in the industry are being communicated and whether car brands’ marketing could be improved.

The Dialogue Automotive Marketing Report 2018/2019

We conducted research among a UK-representative panel of 1,000 adults – with half of our respondents planning to buy a car in the next 12 months – to uncover their views on the automotive sector, how they research and buy a new car and how cars are marketed.

Some of our findings make sobering reading for the automotive industry. For instance, most UK adults consider themselves ‘casual car buyers’. This means they have no interest in specific car brands, and only evaluate price, size and function.

Given these results, it’s unsurprising that many consumers also believe they are poorly served by car marketing. They either don’t trust it, haven’t seen it or can’t remember seeing it.

We’ve produced this report not just to diagnose these problems but also to identify solutions. As a result, we’ve combined our findings with our experience in working with automotive brands to successfully engage consumers. We’ve also incorporated insights from leading automotive journalists and senior marketing decision makers at some of the UK’s most popular car brands.

So, whether your brand is stuck in first gear, or if you just want to motor along even faster, we hope the report will help you drive into a successful future at a time of unprecedented disruption for the automotive sector.

We launched the Dialogue Automotive Marketing Report 2018/19 at an event on 29/11/2018 and it is available to download below.

Dialogue's automotive marketing report
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