Twitter Moments rolls out across the UK

A long-awaited feature has just landed on Twitter.

After a positive response in the US, Twitter has rolled out its latest platform feature, Moments, to its UK user base.

Twitter is plugging ‘Moments’ as ‘The best of Twitter in an instant.’ The new lightning tab will give users access to a series of articles ‘that matter right now’, curated by a team of UK journalists.

These articles will be the best, most popular, most relevant of the day, organised into categories such as news, entertainment and sports. When a user selects a topic they can explore a collection of tweets, photos, GIFs, videos, vines surrounding that discussion. Users can then interact with these tweets just as they do within the news feed, retweeting or liking them.

We hope that this platform will serve to debunk what can be a confusing platform for newcomers and to give some more longevity to content shared within the platform, therefore increasing the session length of all users. We think that this will be a very useful tool for finding the conversations taking place throughout the platform, allowing users to better understand the audience demographic.

Have you tried out this new feature? Let us know how over on Twitter.