Toys and tandems in Skydive December 2016

The British Parachute Association’s Skydive the Mag is back and has plenty to keep the nation’s skydivers entertained while the pesky British weather goes all wintery on us. Trust us: this’ll be much more fun than being out in freezing sleet that’s actually going sideways, no matter what your PE teacher told you about it being character-building.

Since gravity is famously even-handed and there’s plenty of room in the sky for everybody, Yolande Lee declares war on the glass ceiling and proves that being a woman is no barrier to becoming a fully fledged Tandem Instructor. Meanwhile, for the army of cameraflyers forever searching for the next new bit of awesome equipment with which to get that perfect picture, Jakob Aungiers takes the GoPro Omni for a helmet-mounted spin and asks: is it the next big thing or just a pain in the neck?

We’ve also got plenty of interesting technical challenges and, crucially, the secrets of how to overcome them. Andy Ford, Ally Milne and Mark Harris – who have an astonishing 31,000 skydives between them – bring you a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at their aptly named Extreme Relative Work and the enormous challenges it takes for a wingsuit flyer and a skydiver under a canopy to link up in flight. As an encore, Andy Thomas and skydivers from the Parachute Regiment’s world-famous Red Devils offer advice on using smoke canisters while skydiving. After all, why should the aerial signwriters have all the fun?

And, if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got all the latest competition and events news from the Indoor World Cup in Warsaw, the European Skydiving League – complete with a broadsword it must be a bit awkward to get through customs – the European Canopy Formation Big-Way Record and the Parachutists Over Phorty Society’s newest World Record. Combined with the newest equipment that’s just in time for Christmas lists, what more could a skydiver want?

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Picture: The Parachute Regiment’s Red Devils display team under canopy with smoke canisters, by Lance Corporal Ian Cain