Swimming the Channel: Now THAT’s brand immersion…

Dialogue’s Head of Advertising, Isobel Robson is taking brand immersion to a completely new level by literally immersing herself in the English Channel and swimming to France. Isobel, who “overseas” ad sales on Brittany Ferries’ Voyage magazine as well as all of Dialogue’s ad operations, is making the crossing with a team of swimmers on behalf of the North Norfolk Surf Lifesaving Club.


Isobel, pictured above on the right, with her team, aims to raise over £3000.

She said: We’ve been waiting nearly four weeks for the right conditions and finally got the call-up on Tuesday. “To say the channel is cold and more than a little daunting is an understatement, but it’s not the first time I’ve done an open water swim, having front-crawled San Francisco Bay from Alcatraz to the city last year. But this is a different kind of experience with just my team and the support boat and crew. It’s very exciting – and hopefully I don’t get too close to any of our client’s ships.”

Isobel and her advertising team work hard for Dialogue’s clients selling ads  across print and digital products. Check out her recent article about Digital Magazines HERE.