Skydiving to save lives in Skydive The Mag, April 2016

The latest issue of the British Parachute Association’s world-renowned Skydive the Mag is out now, and it might just save your life!

Featuring a guide to reading the signs and dodging the traps set by the weather itself and a blockbuster special on Skydive safety that includes a remarkable account of surviving an extreme situation against the odds, this issue offers powerful, valuable and just plain indispensable reading for today’s skydiver.

There’s plenty of fun too. Pete Allum of national formation skydiving team Satori XL has advice and wisdom on putting a team together, while the first-ever continuous air, sea and land music gig with lead singer of Bullet For My Valentine Matt Tuck is one hell of a contender for the title ‘greatest show on earth’! Seriously – you haven’t heard live music until you’ve heard it under canopy…

But, if it’s inspiration you’re looking for, the Mag’s Mike Waters spoke to Tom Blakey of the unorthodox but brilliant international disaster risk reduction and response charity Rescue Global. With a service record like the protagonist of a techno-thriller and a packed roster of skydiving achievements that would keep most teams busy for a lifetime, Tom can be found leading Rescue Global’s Pathfinder Team into an active disaster area by parachute to help deliver humanitarian aid. Find out just what it takes to be a Pathfinder in this issue.

Think you’ve seen extreme sports? Think again – there’s nothing like skydiving. Remember: it’s that first step that’s the most fun.

For more information about the British Parachute Association and how to become a skydiver, click HERE.

Sample the latest issue of Skydive the Mag HERE.

Picture: Tom Blakey jumping a Paratec TW9 MFF rig with 5.11 Rush 72 Pack above Madrid during a training exercise in 2015, with thanks to Rescue Global