Falling in and jumping out with Skydive August 2016

The British Parachute Association’s Skydive the Mag is back!

Jumping weather is finally here, so it’s time to set your sights on the podium and get ready for competition glory. This issue, we consult Dr Anna Hicks of UK female team NFTO for her secrets of success, we learn eight tips for 8-way excellence from MicroClim8 themselves (complete with the perfect excuse to take the new Theta360 camera out for a spin!) and we take a look at the highlights of everything that’s happened so far in 2016 – and what you’ve still got to look forward to.

There’s more from behind the scenes too. We also meet the RAF’s crack Parachute Engineering Squadron and their spectacular collection of acronyms, celebrate 25 years of German skydiving tech giants CYPRES saving lives and bring you the lowdown on slow downs in a study on stalls.

Finally, a question: suppose you’re 10,00ft up, you’ve just jumped out of a perfectly good plane and your helmet’s visor ices up – you can’t see a thing. Bit awkward, that. What do you do? The answer: you’ll wish you read this issue’s Safety Zone and its advice on keeping your vision clear!

There you go – reading Skydive might just save your life some day…

For more information about the British Parachute Association and how to become a skydiver, click here.

Sample the latest issue here.

Main Picture: 8-way team MicroClim8 in action, by Chris Cook