Silver linings with the Air Charter Service’s Cloud

This issue, the Air Charter Service’s Cloud magazine is focusing on those finer things in life with a touch of poetry that allows you to make a unique statement.

We introduce you to Spirit Yachts, one of the world’s most fêted volume wooden boatbuilders, and we speak to its founder and designer Sean McMillan to find out just what makes them and their boats so exceptional. Sticking with the theme, we look at the meticulously engineered artistry in the world of custom motorcycles – ostentatious chrome is out, understated elegance is in – and the seven of the most intriguing, innovative and insightful examples of wearable tech that money can buy.

For those who like to engage their minds as much as their senses, we have plenty to offer too. We look at the powerful dynasties – political, artistic, media, take your pick – and the ties that sometimes bind, the promising rise of virtual reality as it makes that crucial transition from toy to tool and the Oscars of the scientific world: the Breakthrough Prize.

If you are looking for a new perspective, you’ve found it here. Enjoy the view from above.

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