Getting in the habit – side saddle film enjoys phenomenal reach

Archant Dialogue was proud to be involved in the creation of a beautiful film for the Countryside Alliance: “An old habit – the ladies making hunting side saddle cool again”.

Capturing the tradition on camera

The short film tied in with an article in the September issue of the member’s magazine ‘My Countryside’. By accompanying a group of wonderful ladies in the Cheshire countryside, the film captured the passion, beauty and tradition of hunting side saddle.

The film, which was posted across the Countryside Alliance’s social media channels, quickly caught the imagination of the audience. To date, it’s had almost half a million views.

Social media success

Commenting on the film’s success, managing editor Cathy Wood said: “It was an absolute privilege to meet these passionate ladies and their horses and see the filming first hand.

“We had strong ideas about the story we wanted to tell and the setting was so beautiful it made the whole thing seem easy. From the opening sound of horse’s hooves, to the slow motion horses galloping (filmed from the back of a classic Land Rover Defender!), the film brings poetry to the subject of side saddle riding.

“It was important that we showed how accessible it is, but also celebrated the traditional elements of this way of riding. As the amazing number of views and positive comments show, we really tapped into an area of rural life and equestrian sport that gets people talking.”

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