British Parachute Association Skydive the Mag is out now!

How many magazines have their own Expo?

How many magazines have seminars from world-leading experts, a live rock group and the chance to meet the country’s best skydivers as well? We’re guessing the answer is “not enough”. But the British Parachute Association does…

Check out the latest issue of Skydive the Mag, the British Parachute Association’s flagship title, for the latest on the BPA’s Skydive the Expo (see what we did there?) and just how much is on offer when we start the new skydiving year with a bang. Trust us: five hundred skydivers in the same place gets fun fast.

Better yet, the rest of the magazine offers adrenaline, masterclasses and more as we bring you the highlights from the latest Wingsuit World Record in California (that are as spectacular as they are gorgeous), the triumphs at the World Indoor Skydiving Championships (hell yes it’s possible – check out us trying it on Youtube!) and the secrets that’ll turn someone who can jump out of a plane into a world-class skygod.

Think you’ve seen extreme sports? Think again – there’s nothing like skydiving. Remember: it’s that first step that’s the most fun…

Sample the December 2015 issue of Skydive, the BPA members’ magazine HERE.

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