Must Do Marketing in 2016: 3. Know Your Customer Better

When was the last time you took a deep-dive look at the interests and key media touchpoints of your customer? If it’s more than a year ago, think again: this landscape is changing faster than ever.


Consumers are open to being informed and entertained and brands that share their passions and interests can drive loyalty, build reputation and recommendation and influence decisions. Which is why reviewing or renewing your strategy around relevant content across channels should be an important part of your marketing plan in 2016.


What channels is your customer actually using now (not what they were using in winter 2014/spring 2015) and on what devices? What subject matter is most interesting to them and what gives them kudos when they share knowledge or opinion with their peers? Getting intimate with your customer will make a huge difference to how they perceive your brand and its relevance.


Social media is a particularly interesting case in point, especially as its demographic fault lines start to widen, with Facebook and Twitter skewing increasingly older and Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat having more relevance to younger audiences. How to engage and what to engage with on these platforms is a challenge – but getting it right will improve your brand positioning and affinity.


Going beyond the content itself, discovery is an even bigger challenge and you also need to think about how you’re reaching your audience and where. For instance, as free reach on social has diminished, many experts espouse engagement versus say likes or reach – but acquiring new viewers for your content is essential for growth.

Not just digital

But remember you need to be interruptive and add value – so while online is essential, it’s rarely the only option: and one thing for sure, it’s an infinitely crowded and distracting space.

If you have distribution channels such as a physical retail network or a physical address database, don’t rule out the value of printed content. Especially if you have a high and/or infrequent product transaction value, your offer is based on a service or if your audience values its content curated and easily browsable.

If it’s relevant for your audience, something tactile and tangible can stand out: and limits interruption from rival brands. Allowing you to control the message for a short period of time.

Stand out to your customer…

In a world of free, fragmented, snackable media online and increasingly expensive social reach, if you can give your audience something of value to consume or take away it can make you stand out from the crowd.

Your new year’s resolution to update your research and data should re-inform your content strategy – and if you don’t have a content strategy that goes beyond telling your customer about your product benefits, make it another resolution for 2016.

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