Must Do Marketing in 2016: 1. Control The Controllables

It’s an age-old adage, but are you “controlling the controllables”? And is it a marketing priority for 2016?

Owned media – like your website, your printed and email marketing communications, and your social content channels – are the areas that you have the most control over and if you haven’t refreshed your content strategy for these channels in the last 12 months it’s definitely time to do so in 2016.

And you won’t be alone: A recent eConsultancy report, published in association with Oracle Marketing Cloud (see below), showed that among brands surveyed in August 2015, their website was quoted as their biggest priority over the next 12 months.

In fact, 57% of all respondents said their website was a priority, up 4 points since their last survey in 2014. Social media and email come second and third in this list of priorities.

This is not surprising, these channels often convey first impressions and always convey your core messages; reasons to believe in your company.

They also demonstrate how well you understand your consumers’ interests based on the relevance of the content you publish or deliver to their inbox or newsfeeds.

Website, email and social channels – as well as your printed communications – also have the highest levels of consumer permission: voluntary visits to your website, email opt-ins, magazine pickups/subscriptions, likes or follows.

Relevance and permission are both hot topics at the moment as ad-blocking sees a rise both on web and mobile. So strategies that create engagement through content in owned channels are more important than ever, and form the basis for an omnichannel approach to customer experience in all of your marketing and communication activities.


Is “controlling the controllables” a priority of your 2016 strategy? Let us know over on Twitter.

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