LinkedIn gives its flagship app a makeover

The number 1 business social network, LinkedIn, has just announced the launch of ‘Voyager

Voyager is LinkedIn’s brand new flagship app aiming to drastically improve user experience. It centres around a news feed, which displays updates from people in your Network, including any content they post. However, the big change with ‘Voyager’ is that going forward the app will filter through content shared amongst your network and display content that LinkedIn’s algorithm deems to be of interest to you, learning from previous

With the old app, users would find a lot of updates regarding the profile updates of various users in their network. Now, Voyager aims to display more about the professional topics and interested that a user chooses to follow.

This new app, available on both Android and iOS, also boasts a much-improved nav, with 5 clear options directing users to their home feed, their own profile, an improved messaging function, their network and people they may know, and a 300% faster search function. It also helps the user to navigate between the many standalone apps belonging to LinkedIn, giving the platform a more joined up feel.

We feel that this will greatly enhance social media platform and add much more value to the end user. This is great news for B2B marketers using the platform, as it will hopefully push relevant content to the right audiences.

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