Going fast and looking good in Skydive June 2016

This issue of the British Parachute Association’s Skydive the Mag is all about going places the fast and stylish way!

The undisputed star of the show, this time, is Britain’s fastest skydiver, Mikey Lovemore – one of only six skydivers in the world to break 500kph unaided and the only man to ever break three British Speed Records in a single day! Editor Liz Ashley caught up with him (amazingly, without needing to use rockets) and asks about his advice for beginners, living in the moment and, intriguingly, why a perfect speed jump isn’t just about going fast…

Backing him up, we’ve got more great material than you can shake an altimeter at. Current Double British National Champion in Freefly and Freestyle Joel Strickland offers a masterclass in skydiving photography for the Artistic disciplines to teach you how to get the very best shots in freefall, we’ve got the highlights from the biggest wingsuit competition in the world held right here in the UK and Chris Cook brings you an intriguing review of the new Theta 360 camera – an unorthodox new toy that promises a complete revolution in skydiving photography in more ways than one.

And, if that wasn’t enough, the Mag’s Mike Waters finds out from one of Britain’s most experienced jump pilots, Skydive Bridlington’s Dave Pinkney, that you can hold a plane together with gaffer tape after an over-enthusiastic skydiver headbutts through the wing. Yes, really. You might want a helmet for this one…

For more information about the British Parachute Association and how to become a skydiver, click HERE.

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will penny skydive

Johann Aby by Will Penny, the current Freestyle World Champions