Falling with style in Skydive October 2016

This issue, the British Parachute Association’s Skydive the Mag laughs in the face of physics, tweaks Sir Isaac Newton by the nose and meets Luke Aikins – the man who defied gravity and won when he jumped from 25,000ft… without a parachute!

Understandably, skydiving without a parachute isn’t something you can just improvise, so Brian Cumming of Radio Skydive UK caught up with Luke to find out just what it takes to survive such a death-defying feat. The whole story features nerves of steel, an interesting linguistic loophole, a wise sports psychologist, a skydiving prank ne plus ultra and a very, very big net – and you owe it to yourself to read it in all its glory.

For those who prefer to go from the plane to the ground a bit more conventionally, we’ve got plenty to keep you entertained. Tash Higman interviews four of the sport’s most distinguished jumpers to find out if it’s possible to juggle skydiving and having a family, while Kieron Hayes goes to Switzerland to fly down the side of a mountain – and hopefully avoid landing in an inconvenient tree – and David Rodgers explores the secrets of becoming a better skydiver through sports psychology.

Naturally, we’ve also got all the latest news, events and reviews. With this year’s BPA Nationals and the 2016 Chicago Mondial seeing victorious BPA members taking to podiums on two continents and a brand new high-speed World Record, you won’t want to miss this issue!

For more information about the British Parachute Association and how to become a skydiver, click here.

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Picture: High-fiving skydivers at the 2016 Chicago Mondial, by Craig Poxon