Facebook introduces new fundraising tool for Non-Profits

Facebook introduces Fundraising feature

At Dialogue we are passionate about keeping our ear to the ground for the latest industry updates, as we want to get the most out of each platform and channel for our clients.

One such update which caught our eye this month is Facebook’s Fundraising feature.

Recently in its Newsroom blog, the social media giant revealed a new feature aimed at the non-profit sector designed as a fundraising tool. Facebook has tested various fundraising features in the wake of major events such as natural disasters. Now, they are fine-tuning this and rolling it out.

This new feature is twofold; the first is ‘Fundraisers’. These are dedicated pages to raise funds for a specific campaign, which give non-profits space to tell their campaign story, recruit new supporters and encourage donations by displaying their rolling fundraising total, in the form of a visible progress bar.

The second is an improved ‘Donate’ button, now available on Pages and posts, which makes it much easier for users to donate without leaving the social media platform. This reflects Facebook’s continued efforts to keep the platform ‘sticky’, but the simplicity of the function also benefits the organisation as it serves to encourage more spontaneous, hassle-free giving.

Currently in its beta stage, we hope to see this rolled out across all non-profit organisations, as we believe this will open up a wealth of marketing opportunities. What is your take on this update? Another tactic to keep users within the Facebook interface, or a genuinely useful fundraising tool? Let us know over on Twitter.