Dialogue’s Automotive Marketing Report out now

Last year, we released our first ever automotive marketing report looking at how consumers are responding to the types of content and channels car brands are using to target them.

Entitled ‘Exhausted or Motoring On’, it highlighted some key issues affecting all automotive brands:

– Only 43% of consumers describe themselves as casual car buyers
– 45% of consumers say they haven’t seen any car marketing in the past 12 months
– And only 34% believe there is enough information on electric cars

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Of course, the new marketing landscape is in a state of flux and landing the right message with the right audience through the right channel can be challenging for all sectors.

But we wanted to go much further and unlock the issues that were important to consumers when it came to cars and so we worked with data insight partners, Pulsar to do just that. We conducted in-depth social media listening to uncover not only the things people were talking about in relation to cars but the types of people having those conversations.

The results were surprising and can be found in our updated report which is now available. Check out the updated Automotive Marketing Report 2019 in Downloads.

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