Dialogue MD Gavin Miller speaks on Retail Week Customer Experience 2016 panel

“How do you cut through the clutter in the content space? Go back to basics, know what your brand and audience are about.”

Last week, Dialogue’s Managing Director, Gavin Miller, was invited to speak on the Content Marketing Association‘s panel discussion at the 2016 Retail Week Customer Experience Conference at the Lancaster Hotel in London.

“You can’t sell at a customer anymore, they are in control.”

The CMA assembled a panel of content marketing experts from agencies across the UK, including Cedar, BlueGlass and Seven, to address the issue of looking at the mindset of a shopper holistically and using insights to create brand advocates.

“Create experiences that allow consumers and shoppers to participate.”

Also speaking throughout the day were experts from every retail sector, including Topman’s Global Digital Director, Gareth Rees-John, and the Customer Experience Director at Fortnum & Mason, Zia Zareem-Slade.

This was an invaluable day for those in the retail space, with discussion panels covering everything from the pressing question on everyone’s lips, Omni-Channel vs. bricks and mortar, to personalising technology and how to excel at personal interactions.