Dialogue at CMA Content Summit: Content and Brand Communities

On Thursday 19th March, Dialogue will be hosting a special session on content and brand communities at the Content Marketing Association Content Summit at the The Curzon Theatre, Bloomsbury, London.

The event coincides with our in-depth report on The Power of Brand Communities. It outlines the significance of an impassioned audience and how brands should be looking to focus on nurturing repeat customers to drive profit; how this also promotes advocacy and the huge untapped potential there is with 16-to-24 year olds.

The session Using Content To Build Communities will be hosted by our Executive Director, Craig Nayman and will be a debate with the following panellists:
Benji Vaughan, Founder and CEO, Disciple
Lisa Targett, General Manager, Tribe
Nisa Bayindir, Consumer Psychologist and EVP of Behavioural Science, Pulsar
Terry Kaigg, Communities Project Manager, Harley-Davidson

For further information and tickets, please visit the CMA website.

Download the Power of Brand Communities report in advance of the session.