Automotive marketing and the art of ‘anti-selling’

The future of automotive marketing looks set to be very different to what we have become accustomed to. Our technology contributor, James Day, investigates how Tesla is changing the rules. Marketing in the automotive industry usually relies on the big bucks to connect to its audience. Bill boards, pricy TV adverts and carefully crafted social … Continued

Secrets of successful content marketing in 2017

For success in content marketing in 2017, preparation and foresight is key. New ideas that would be no stranger to the realm of sci-fi are beginning to pique interest and set the benchmark for the future. Read on to discover the trends and new technologies that can help your content stand out for all the … Continued

Mind your languages: how to optimise your multilingual content strategy

As global content marketers, one of the biggest challenges can be communicating your content and brand messages across multiple languages. With 15 years’ experience working on multilingual projects, Dialogue’s Managing Production Editor Matt Colley shares his tips on best practice and potential pitfalls when developing a multilingual content strategy in part 1 of a 2 … Continued

Like it or not, Reach is still king on Facebook…

Find out why reach is the most important metric on Facebook and see the seven key elements needed to achieve it. I was talking to a client recently about the reliability of social media metrics, against the backdrop of recent controversy over Facebook’s methodology for counting video views. Really? Let’s face it, anyone who has put a Facebook vs … Continued

A Headline from 2007: ‘The Importance of Social Marketing’.

Continuing the theme of reflecting on a series of articles I wrote back in 2007/2008 (the first on reaching Generation D (Digital) and how much the media and marketing landscape has changed since that time) the second article I wrote focused on the emergence then of a new buzz phrase called ‘social media’. What remains … Continued

Must Do Marketing 2016: 5. Putting Content First

Let’s get one thing straight: Content is no longer the preserve of traditional media, in fact what is “the media” now? It’s become increasingly fragmented as household names are supplanted by upstart blogs and vlogs – which themselves quickly become part of the establishment and in no time are challenged by startups. Many surveys rank … Continued

Must Do Marketing in 2016: 4. Re-evaluate Your Marketing Spend

Where are you spending the bulk of your marketing budget at the moment? Are you giving enough attention to developing a relationship with your prospects and customers, rather than just focusing on brute force acquisition above the line? The classic marketing funnel model – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action – describes the cognitive phases a buyer … Continued

Why Big Data is Key to your Content Marketing Strategy

Rule number 1 in marketing is to be where your audience is. Rule number 2 is to be relevant to them. Big data refers to every piece of data collected every day, across thousands of sources and channels across the web. Vast volumes of data are being created and collected every minute; check out Data … Continued

Must Do Marketing in 2016: 3. Know Your Customer Better

When was the last time you took a deep-dive look at the interests and key media touchpoints of your customer? If it’s more than a year ago, think again: this landscape is changing faster than ever. Why? Consumers are open to being informed and entertained and brands that share their passions and interests can drive … Continued