Is your web content fit for purpose?

Your marketing plan screams for web content. Your website needs it, your social plan needs it and your emails could do with something more than just another samey sales message. Making sure you have great content across all channels is imperative and great SEO optimised text is the foundation of this. Video, VR and audio … Continued

What will virtual reality do to our brains?

What are the real implications for virtual reality (VR)? And just how do our brains react while our eyes are tantalised in 360 degrees? I’ve quizzed the lucky rascals at the School of Psychology at the University of East Anglia to find out. What can virtual reality do to us? Professor Kenny Coventry leads the … Continued

Secrets of successful content marketing in 2017

For success in content marketing in 2017, preparation and foresight is key. New ideas that would be no stranger to the realm of sci-fi are beginning to pique interest and set the benchmark for the future. Read on to discover the trends and new technologies that can help your content stand out for all the … Continued

Making the most of digital magazines

Life used to be so simple; print was static, web pages could be animated. Now, digital magazines combine the full-page scale of the former but with all the possibilities of the latter. Digital magazines are a breed apart, so the rules of content are also different – links, videos, interactivity, animations are all part of the playbook. That … Continued

Like it or not, Reach is still king on Facebook…

Find out why reach is the most important metric on Facebook and see the seven key elements needed to achieve it. I was talking to a client recently about the reliability of social media metrics, against the backdrop of recent controversy over Facebook’s methodology for counting video views. Really? Let’s face it, anyone who has put a Facebook vs … Continued

A Headline from 2007: ‘The Importance of Social Marketing’.

Continuing the theme of reflecting on a series of articles I wrote back in 2007/2008 (the first on reaching Generation D (Digital) and how much the media and marketing landscape has changed since that time) the second article I wrote focused on the emergence then of a new buzz phrase called ‘social media’. What remains … Continued

Facebook Reactions are here at last

Editor Jessica Phillipson explains why you can now LOVE us on Facebook and what it means for content You’ve seen the petitions. You’ve debated it with your friends. For years, Facebook users around the world have been appealing to bring in a ‘dislike’ button. Well now, the call has been answered and Facebook ‘Reactions’ are here. … Continued

Online advertising fraud is highlighted by Doubleclick

Banner advertising’s challenges continue which has big implications for advertisers Trust in the medium is squeezed from both ends: With consumers choosing to use ad blocking, and brands finding the lack of transparency, especially in ad network and programmatic buys, costly. as trust in the medium is squeezed from both ends: With consumers choosing to … Continued

Ad Blocking: we need better content & better standards

Technology can be the consumer’s friend as well as ours As the 2015 Rugby World Cup launched with the hopes of the nation – and the incessant caterwauling of Paloma Faith on ITV – the International Rugby Board’s chief medical officer told BBC Panorama that concussion was an on-going concern and that the rules of … Continued

The future of social media

What’s next for platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Ask anyone about the future of social media and they will, without fail, have some sort of prediction to make, whether it be positive or negative. The current issue of Odgers Berndtson’s Observe magazine takes a look at the predictions of five key players in digital … Continued

Highly Commended for H.O.G. at 2014 CMA awards

Dialogue take home Highly Commended award for content and marketing Dialogue took home the Highly Commended award for content and marketing work with H.O.G. (harley Owners Group) in the Best Membership (Consumer) category at the 2014 CMA awards. The integrated multi-platform and multi-lingual communications programme for the leading motorcycle brand in EMEA was shortlisted for … Continued