What is branded content? A definitive guide

There are many ways to market your brand to potential customers, but one of the most effective methods is to use branded content. But what is ‘branded content’ and why does it work?  Branded content can be editorial, podcast, video or even experiential, on any platform. It does not push a specific product with a … Continued

How to run an agency: 20 years in the industry

In June 2020, our Agency Director Zoë Francis-Cox is celebrating 20 years at Archant Dialogue, so who better to share insight on how to run an agency. Here’s what she’s learned about content, communities and the business of content marketing. How to run an agency Any content agency has to excel at creativity and its … Continued

Content marketing for luxury brands after COVID-19

We have previously written about the challenges of content marketing for luxury brands. A luxury brand’s digital content strategy needs to highlight their products’ unique elements – heritage, craftsmanship and exclusivity – within the ephemeral, fast moving and superficial environment that is the digital landscape. These considerations have been made all the more complicated by … Continued

Are printed magazines sustainable?

A question we’re often asked as a content marketing agency that is involved in publishing is: ‘are printed magazines sustainable?’ And, of course, it’s a natural question to ask: global warming causing natural disasters such as Australia’s bush fires and chilling images of young whales choking to death on plastic in David Attenborough’s Blue Planet … Continued

Working from home tips during the coronavirus lockdown

It can be hard adjusting to the ‘new normal’ but here are my working from home tips in the time of COVID-19: how you can manage a work/life balance and still be creative during coronavirus lockdown? Here are a few of the things that have proved useful for me. Working from home tips As creative … Continued

Automotive content marketing gold: dogs, car seats and cameras

How car-related searches suggest a valuable role for automotive content marketing… Think With Google has published a report on trends within the auto sector – and what it unearthed is not only interesting for car accessory brands but also as automotive content marketing opportunities for brands themselves. The report pulled in top volume queries from Google Search and … Continued

5 ways to master a contract magazine distribution strategy

Approach your magazine distribution strategy in the same way a digital marketer would tackle online content distribution. A magazine distribution strategy requires a canny business eye, a strategic approach, a good psychological understanding of the target consumer and an on point production and processes. There’s little difference between this and a digital marketing strategy, because … Continued

Dialogue launches automotive podcast series

Dialogue has launched a new series of automotive marketing podcasts. It’s our second series of podcasts following the first set that looked at content marketing. To coincide with our recent Automotive Marketing Report and the Brand Communities Report (The Automotive Edit), Dialogue’s Content Strategist Howard Wilmot speaks to specialists in the worlds of automotive, branding … Continued

Content Trends 2020

It wouldn’t be the new year without a content marketing predictions 2020 blog, now would it? While we don’t think there’s going to be any kind of radical ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’ overhaul in terms of content marketing, we’ve noticed some changes this year that we think spell the future for content … Continued

Unique Braille Kalendar magazine brings Jump racing to visually impaired

Dialogue has produced a unique Braille version of the Jockey Club South West’s annual magazine, Kalendar, designed to bring Jump racing to an audience that includes the visually impaired. Kalendar magazine is aimed at fans of Jump racing, and centres around the world renowned Cheltenham Racecourse in Gloucestershire. In 2019 The Jockey Club South West … Continued

Dialogue enjoys a hat-trick for Bentley Magazine at the CMA awards

It was a successful night for Dialogue at this year’s International Content Marketing Awards, as the Bentley team picked up three trophies.  Presented by the Content Marketing Association (CMA), the International Content Marketing Awards are the Oscars of content marketing. Agencies from around the world enter their work to be appraised by a team of … Continued