Exciting brand collaboration between Porsche Club and Canon

An encouraging dialogue brings Porsche Club and Canon together in brand collaboration for members event

Beautiful cars deserve beautiful photography so Dialogue was delighted to hear of the brand collaboration between our friends at Porsche Club GB and Canon UK as they hosted a joint photography tuition day at the club’s headquarters in the Cotswolds last week.Brand collaboration with Canon and Porsche Club GB

Canon Professional Services Pro Imaging Senior Specialist Frankie Jim provided in-depth technical advice to Porsche Club members and was joined by Top Gear snapper Rod Fountain to discuss the ins and outs of car photography and his experiences travelling the globe with the BBC’s elite production team.

Joining them on the Automotive Photography Experience Day was fellow automotive photographer Darren Wholly. Along with inspiring and informative talks by the professionals, Porsche members were also given practical instruction shooting the various automotive exotica that had ventured to the Club House and were given the chance to try Canon’s latest pro cameras and lenses.

Forming an exciting brand collaboration

The idea to bring added value to the members was first seeded at Dialogue’s Brand Communities event last year where Canon and Porsche Club were introduced.A Dialogue with event

“Photography has consistently been an area of interest for Porsche Club members so forming a partnership with Canon was an exciting step for us,” Porsche Club GB general manager Chris Seaward told Dialogue at the Brand Communities event.

“Post-event feedback has been universally positive and it’s an activity we’re very keen to replicate in the future. A special mention also has to go to Dialogue, who originally brought us together at their excellent seminar last year.”




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