How to train your jargon

Consumers in a print-digital duopoly environment inload multi-format content based on subjectively judged projected likelihood of audience satisfaction. Nope, me neither. Let’s try that again. People read, watch or listen to something if they think they’ll like it. Alright, that’s a deliberately silly example for the sake of a joke. However, both of the above … Continued

Record crowds at BPA Skydive the Expo 2016!

The Dialogue Team headed to the BPA’s Skydive the Expo 2016! This year’s BPA Skydive the Expo saw more skydivers than ever before enjoying the UK’s premier international skydiving exhibition and networking event. A celebration of all things skydiving and a fantastic opportunity to learn, party, shop or just catch up with friendly faces, this … Continued

Does your content marketing pass the Turing Test?

Can a computer convince you that it is actually a human being? That’s the purpose of the Turing Test, first proposed by the Enigma-cracking mathematician Alan Turing in his seminal 1950 paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence. The Turing Test is famous for being the holy grail of Artificial Intelligence research, but it’s also a valuable … Continued

British Parachute Association Skydive the Mag is out now!

How many magazines have their own Expo? How many magazines have seminars from world-leading experts, a live rock group and the chance to meet the country’s best skydivers as well? We’re guessing the answer is “not enough”. But the British Parachute Association does… Check out the latest issue of Skydive the Mag, the British Parachute … Continued