Five automotive brands using print to target UHNWI

Car print magazines are not a new thing but while their role has been under question, there is nevertheless a number of automotive brands using print to target UHNWIs. The relationship goes back longer than you might think: back in 1908, Ford became what is thought to be the first automotive brand to produce its own print publication. … Continued

Five of the best car communities and what they’re trying to achieve

The best car communities offer much, much more than an eye-catching social media channel.  These communities are likely to embrace member-only access to offerings including apps, magazines, events and forums – all part of a multi-strand approach to create and offer quality content that gives real meaning to the individual’s engagement and provides a sense … Continued

Reassessing the value of print media in 2020

Nobody would have expected the value of print media to be a topical discussion in 2020. However with the arrival of Covid-19 and a simultaneous tiring of so much time on screen, print media’s place for consumers is being re-appreciated. And so marketers need to be looking at what they’re doing through print afresh.  As Mark … Continued

How to access the value of automotive influencers

Automotive influencers are nothing new – you can discover some automotive social media examples here – and for the past century, marketing has evolved with automotive and other brands regularly recruiting celebrities and authority figures – influencers in all but name – to woo consumers. From a surprising but eye-catching partnership between Dodge and child … Continued

Brand communities and Generation Y, Millennials and Generation Z

Brand communities and Generation Y, Millennials and Generation Z are an increasing consideration for marketers seeking to engage with audiences starting to earn and have disposable wealth. However for many brands it’s still unchartered territory… “A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” So wrote … Continued

Content marketing trends: How technology is changing content

We’re living in a time of blink-and-you’ll-miss it technological change – and this will affect content marketing trends. Less than 30 years ago, web 1.0 users consumed information-based content mostly as passive recipients but by today’s Web 2.0, typified by social media, has increased user interaction and self-generated content. Now, mobile-friendly content is king, smartphones … Continued