6 ways to avoid rubbish content

You need compelling written content for your communications. You need it for SEO and social success, for email and other direct channels. You need it fast and you need it regularly. But you don’t have the time, the team or the expertise to create it in-house, or you’re not sure what and how to write for specific … Continued

Enjoy your trip? Get onboard with your travel customers

To succeed, travel content needs to get onboard the new content marketing flagship. Captain of this ship is the consumer, but they should never travel alone. You need to join your customers on their journey. This means you need to talk with them, not at them. From the first research on a mobile device right … Continued

Why dogs aren’t just for Christmas in content marketing

You must have noticed the sudden jump in the number of pleading-eyed pugs and scruffy mutts on your screen this year. That’s not by coincidence – it’s an extremely brazen form of emotional messaging. The use of canines in B2C marketing campaigns is one of the most popular trends to dominate content marketing in 2016. … Continued