World Mental Health Day: #asktwice

At Dialogue, we believe that the happiness of our team is of fundamental importance. On World Mental Health Day, we feel it’s important to do our bit to help spread the message. Are you, as an individual, looking out for your own wellbeing in the workplace? If you’re not being encouraged to take regular breaks, … Continued

How to optimise your multilingual content strategy (part two)

Matt Colley continues his guide through the labyrinthine world of multilingual digital and print content in the second part of this series. So, you’ve read and digested my first article on multilingual content. If not, get to it! You’ve got good translators on board, your clients love your content, and you’ve set up your glossaries … Continued

Mind your languages: how to optimise your multilingual content strategy

As global content marketers, one of the biggest challenges can be communicating your content and brand messages across multiple languages. With 15 years’ experience working on multilingual projects, Dialogue’s Managing Production Editor Matt Colley shares his tips on best practice and potential pitfalls when developing a multilingual content strategy in part 1 of a 2 … Continued

The latest issue of HOG magazine goes on a road trip

The first issue of HOG magazine of 2016 is now available. There is a distinct road trip focus in this edition of HOG magazine, with remarkable riding stories from as far afield as China and Saudi Arabia, as well as trips in the Scottish Highlands, the Alps and the south of France. Factor in an … Continued

Jeep Owners Group magazine 7 hits the waves and more…

The latest edition of 7, the magazine of the Jeep Owners Group, is hot off the press We meet two intrepid women who undertook an arduous yet exhilarating desert rally; find out how the new Jeep Renegade helps a surf star to find the best breaks; meet a couple who tied the knot in an … Continued