Why use social media listening tools for automotive brands?

Listening to customers and potential buyers is nothing new for brands, but for automotive brands it’s especially important now in helping attract online customers; using social media tools for automotive brands is vital in understanding what the audience is looking for online. Social listening and audience intelligence platforms, such as Pulsar, use online signals, including … Continued

Content marketing automation, AI and what it means for brands

One of the next waves of technological evolution is around content marketing automation and AI Modern media has created more pathways between brands and their target audience than ever before, says Dialogue Content Editor, Claire Price, in the second part of our investigation into content marketing trends and how new technology is driving and affecting messaging. But … Continued

How luxury travel content marketing generates recommendations

As with other sectors, travel content marketing is an important part of the marketing mix. From that initial spark of interest to purchase, a travel consumer’s journey can now be a long and complicated one for a travel company to navigate. Consumers may draw inspiration from multiple sources like word of mouth, social media and … Continued

Finding a dream home with VR, not 50 disappointing viewings…

Splashing hundreds of thousands of pounds on a house is no easy thing. Homebuyers and estate agents spend precious time chasing one another, queuing through rush hour traffic and traipsing around houses before hands are finally shaken on a deal. But what if we could just pop on a headset and see dozens of properties … Continued

Dialogue joins Nelson’s Journey for Twenty20 campaign

Archant Dialogue is proud to become one of 20 companies to join a fundraising effort for children’s charity Nelson’s Journey. Norfolk-based charity Nelson’s Journey supports local children who have experienced the death of a significant person. It is now celebrating its 20th anniversary, and to mark the occasion it has recruited 20 local businesses to … Continued

What does the iPhone X mean for your marketing plans?

Each iteration of the iPhone comes with new eye-catching features, and this year’s is no different. But the iPhone X’s addition of Augmented Reality (AR) promises to cause even more of a stir. Indeed, some are predicting that it could finally bring AR to the masses, opening up some interesting possibilities for marketers. AR into … Continued

Is your web content fit for purpose?

Your marketing plan screams for web content. Your website needs it, your social plan needs it and your emails could do with something more than just another samey sales message. Making sure you have great content across all channels is imperative and great SEO optimised text is the foundation of this. Video, VR and audio … Continued

Secrets of successful content marketing in 2017

For success in content marketing in 2017, preparation and foresight is key. New ideas that would be no stranger to the realm of sci-fi are beginning to pique interest and set the benchmark for the future. Read on to discover the trends and new technologies that can help your content stand out for all the … Continued

What Google did for content marketing in 2016

As 2016 begins to fade away in the rear-view mirror, it’s the perfect time to assess what search engine behemoth Google has been up to and its impact on content. It certainly hasn’t been idle. Change has been thrown at SEO specialists, writers and web designers with impunity, and more change is likely to come next year. … Continued