Archant wins coveted PPA Chairman’s Award

Dialogue’s parent company Archant has received the coveted Periodical Publishers Association Chairman’s Award for its “modern and agile approach to publishing”. The award normally honours a specific magazine brand or individual, but this year it went to the Archant group as a company, with very specific mention of its incredible 172 year history and truly modern innovations such as The New European newspaper.

The New European was launched as a “pop-up” product after the Brexit referendum result in 2016 to reflect the views of the 48% who voted to remain against a backdrop of a large mainstream print news media bias towards leave.

Often controversial and sometimes compared in goals if not political outlook to disruptive start-ups like The Canary – a website dedicated to addressing right-wing bias in news media, and nothing to do with Norwich City FC! – the newspaper is now celebrating its first full year of publication.

Other Archant innovations include GoTarget a hyper-targeting online programmatic display product and of course Dialogue, which provides content and marketing strategy, print and digital activations, events and more for brands and organisations.

According to PPA Chairman James Tye, commenting on Archant’s Chairman’s Award : “The company has really reaped the rewards of an audience-first strategy that combines digital transformation with real innovation in print.”


Archant Executive Win PPA Award
Archant Executive and Board members at the 2017 Annual PPA Awards.


Katherine Ryan at the PPA Awards
The 2017 Annual PPA Awards were hosted by actress, broadcaster, writer and comedian Katherine Ryan.