Amplifying the ‘Long Tail’ of Content

Utalising content across multiple platforms

Around 2006 a paradigm shift in the world of movie creation and distribution was taking place. The traditional route to market: theatrical followed by DVD release and then TV broadcast was being torn up. New distribution channels were beginning to emerge: download-to-own, VoD and streaming amongst others. Technology was about to enable the ability to extend and amplify the lifecycle of content and with it enhanced value on both the top and bottom line.

What relevance does that have on the marketing world today and our ability as an agency to build value for our clients and their audiences? The answer. The ‘Long Tail’.

In effect, we now have the ability to re-purpose current or archive content.

Content creation and engagement doesn’t need to be a one off, but with a defined strategy and distribution plan it can both amplify engagement AND extend the lifecycle, where relevant and appropriate.

We’ve been undertaking said strategy with some of our own clients. Odgers Berndtson is one such example. We create content for them through the Observe brand (magazine and digital channels) and we’ve also re-purposed Observe archive content and re-distributed it through our own wider Archant newspaper channels, including business supplements in print and online (the first in a series included a feature on BIG DATA)

The Long Tail means that what used to be a one-off piece of content engagement can now be extended, repeated and amplified over time, so value can be achieved through both cost and engagement imperatives.

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