Brands with print magazines – who’s reaping the rewards?

In a world where it can be difficult to attract and sustain attention for your message, brands with print magazines are the ones who can create cut-through in the noisy media landscape. Producing a brand magazine is one means of doing this, but the move into print is not always straightforward, and may not be … Continued

Content marketing for luxury brands after COVID-19

We have previously written about the challenges of content marketing for luxury brands. A luxury brand’s digital content strategy needs to highlight their products’ unique elements – heritage, craftsmanship and exclusivity – within the ephemeral, fast moving and superficial environment that is the digital landscape. These considerations have been made all the more complicated by … Continued

Dialogue supports award-winning Norfolk charity Nelson’s Journey

It’s National Volunteers’ Week on 1-7 June 2020 and now is a great time to celebrate all that is done by volunteers across the country. Dialogue supports numerous charities, including local charities Norfolk Mind and Nelson’s Journey, both with fundraising and with volunteered hours, making the most of an extra day’s holiday dedicated to volunteering … Continued

Are printed magazines sustainable?

A question we’re often asked as a content marketing agency that is involved in publishing is: ‘are printed magazines sustainable?’ And, of course, it’s a natural question to ask: global warming causing natural disasters such as Australia’s bush fires and chilling images of young whales choking to death on plastic in David Attenborough’s Blue Planet … Continued

Time for change at content agency Dialogue

Dialogue’s Agency Director, Zoë Francis-Cox reflects on the past two months and outlines how the content agency is changing as a result… It’s never been more timely to recognise the need for, and the value of ‘change’. Like so many other businesses at this unprecedented time, we at Dialogue have been forced to accelerate our … Continued

Four future content trends for travel in a post COVID-19 world

Future content trends for travel marketing have never been more important to consider than right now for a sector that’s been hard-hit by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Communicating value and what the industry is doing to handle consumer concerns should be vital. Here are four things travel brands should know to not just survive but … Continued

Automotive marketing ideas during the coronavirus pandemic

Innovative automotive marketing ideas have helped Porsche Club GB keep in touch with members during the pandemic. The Club’s Digital Executive George Woodward reveals how they have mobilised their unique community and the results they’ve enjoyed. April’s edition of Porsche Post landed with Club members on 20 March, coinciding with the first announcements of social … Continued

Working from home tips during the coronavirus lockdown

It can be hard adjusting to the ‘new normal’ but here are my working from home tips in the time of COVID-19: how you can manage a work/life balance and still be creative during coronavirus lockdown? Here are a few of the things that have proved useful for me. Working from home tips As creative … Continued

Automotive marketing and COVID-19

Automotive marketing and Covid-19 hardly seem compatible – just like other sectors, the car industry is having to cope with the impact of the current pandemic and a ‘new normal’. Car sales are suffering as showrooms have been forced to close. In the UK, new car registrations fell 44% in March, which is a steeper … Continued