Five automotive brands using print to target UHNWI

Car print magazines are not a new thing but while their role has been under question, there is nevertheless a number of automotive brands using print to target UHNWIs. The relationship goes back longer than you might think: back in 1908, Ford became what is thought to be the first automotive brand to produce its own print publication. … Continued

Five of the best car communities and what they’re trying to achieve

The best car communities offer much, much more than an eye-catching social media channel.  These communities are likely to embrace member-only access to offerings including apps, magazines, events and forums – all part of a multi-strand approach to create and offer quality content that gives real meaning to the individual’s engagement and provides a sense … Continued

Print media advantages you’d be crazy to ignore

There are distinct print media advantages that have been overlooked since the arrival of digital, which has chipped away substantially at its reputation, reach and revenue.  But to ignore print as part of your membership offering, content marketing approach or as part of your advertising campaign is to compromise what you’re doing.  And there’s never … Continued

What is branded content? A definitive guide

There are many ways to market your brand to potential customers, but one of the most effective methods is to use branded content. But what is ‘branded content’ and why does it work?  Branded content can be editorial, podcast, video or even experiential, on any platform. It does not push a specific product with a … Continued

Content strategy 2020s: the new content and media mix for brands

Content strategy, content marketing and branded content has exploded over the past 20 years as new digital platforms have evolved. At the same time, marketers now better understand the value of content as both an acquisition and retention tool in the marketing mix.  But with so many platforms and content types it has become much harder … Continued

Reassessing the value of print media in 2020

Nobody would have expected the value of print media to be a topical discussion in 2020. However with the arrival of Covid-19 and a simultaneous tiring of so much time on screen, print media’s place for consumers is being re-appreciated. And so marketers need to be looking at what they’re doing through print afresh.  As Mark … Continued

Luxury consumer insights for a post COVID-19 world from the The LUUX Media Ultra Affluent Consumer Survey

Dialogue spoke to our longterm collaborator, Chris Wilson, Director at LUUX Media, who elaborates on new research from their Ultra Affluent Consumer Survey that shows how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the luxury consumer and their spending behaviour.  How has the coronavirus pandemic affected luxury consumer lifestyle habits? Nothing will ever be quite the same … Continued

Podcasting for brands – a definitive guide

It’s been well reported that the appetite for audio content is on the rise and so it’s only natural that podcasting for brands is evolving at the same rate.   Not only has the number of podcast listeners rocketed over the past five years, but voice search and smart speaker ownership are also becoming more … Continued

How to run an agency: 20 years in the industry

In June 2020, our Agency Director Zoë Francis-Cox is celebrating 20 years at Archant Dialogue, so who better to share insight on how to run an agency. Here’s what she’s learned about content, communities and the business of content marketing. How to run an agency Any content agency has to excel at creativity and its … Continued

Brands with print magazines – who’s reaping the rewards?

In a world where it can be difficult to attract and sustain attention for your message, brands with print magazines are the ones who can create cut-through in the noisy media landscape. Producing a brand magazine is one means of doing this, but the move into print is not always straightforward, and may not be … Continued

Content marketing for luxury brands after COVID-19

We have previously written about the challenges of content marketing for luxury brands. A luxury brand’s digital content strategy needs to highlight their products’ unique elements – heritage, craftsmanship and exclusivity – within the ephemeral, fast moving and superficial environment that is the digital landscape. These considerations have been made all the more complicated by … Continued

Dialogue supports award-winning Norfolk charity Nelson’s Journey

It’s National Volunteers’ Week on 1-7 June 2020 and now is a great time to celebrate all that is done by volunteers across the country. Dialogue supports numerous charities, including local charities Norfolk Mind and Nelson’s Journey, both with fundraising and with volunteered hours, making the most of an extra day’s holiday dedicated to volunteering … Continued