Using content to enhance the Center Parcs experience

We have been working with Center Parcs since 2004. Village Life is the brand’s customer magazine and it aligns exactly with Center Parcs’ own core brand beliefs: to promote Center Parcs as a natural, spacious environment, a great place to reconnect with your family and provides an instant escape from the everyday.

The magazine appeals to the 300,000 regular visitors who receive it. The audience is already engaged with the brand, but the magazine encourages them to react to the memories and emotions that the magazine evokes, resulting in repeat bookings.

All content within the magazine conveys the continual investment injected into the villages and reinforcing the brand’s core message of ‘family togetherness’.

Village Life in detail

  • Each issue of Village Life combines lifestyle articles with brand messaging so ensure it works hard for Center Parcs’ marketing aims.
  • Every feature, news piece, advertiser, photograph and illustration in Village Life reflects Center Parcs’ core brand beliefs – and this is assessed throughout the planning and production process.
  • Content in the magazine places a strong emphasis on storytelling – such as the ‘Locally Sourced’ series focusing on local food producers – and impactful design which gives a luxury feel.
  • We have also launched a digital edition of the magazine (, available to all, promoted via Center Parcs’ e-newsletters, website and social channels, and offering extra content in desktop and mobile formats. This allows us to integrate films, which we produce exclusively for Center Parcs. The digital magazines provide a valuable opportunity for a joined up approach to advertising sales, with digital packages proving popular.

CP CoversResults

Over the course of a year (including Sept 16, January 17 and April 17) Center Parcs has seen a 139.2% increase in bookings from those who receive the print edition of Village Life. Alongside this, a survey undertaken on the digital edition brought in very positive results, with 97% saying it was easy to navigate, 89% agreeing that the content was interesting and 84% agreeing that the content was engaging.

These statistics show that the overall content of Village Life works hard to promote Center Parcs’ key brand objectives, provides an interesting read that rewards returning families, and improves engagement with the brand.

A suite of publications

Village Life is just one of a suite of titles we create for Center Parcs.

Uncovered is an on-Village magazine providing a guide to everything Center Parcs has to offer its guests during their break, with each edition localised to one of the five villages.

Aqua Sana is the company’s spa brand; Spa Escape is published twice a year and is distributed on-Village through all accommodation. The team is responsible for planning, writing, designing and commissioning, plus selling advertising across all magazines, in all editions.