The demise of The New Day; what went wrong?

After just nine weeks on newsstands, The New Day has closed. What went wrong for this ambitious project and why has it not been given a better chance? On March 2 I wrote this article on the launch of The New Day, a print-only newspaper allowing readers to dip in and out of its non-bias, … Continued

Facebook allows Branded Content

Content marketing has had a major boost on Facebook with the announcement that Branded Content, defined as a post that “specifically mentions or features a third party product, brand, or sponsor” is to be allowed on verified pages on the platform. It’s a very good opportunity to engage in content-led cross-promotion, sponsored content or celebrity/entertainment … Continued

How to train your jargon

Consumers in a print-digital duopoly environment inload multi-format content based on subjectively judged projected likelihood of audience satisfaction. Nope, me neither. Let’s try that again. People read, watch or listen to something if they think they’ll like it. Alright, that’s a deliberately silly example for the sake of a joke. However, both of the above … Continued

VR… is no longer virtual

Last week saw Sony announce on their blog that their new PlayStation VR headset will land in October of this year. This is what cliché lovers could call a ‘game changer’. Up until now, content creators have been troubled by the need for specialist equipment to get the message across using VR. Whilst YouTube and … Continued

Must Do Marketing 2016: 5. Putting Content First

Let’s get one thing straight: Content is no longer the preserve of traditional media, in fact what is “the media” now? It’s become increasingly fragmented as household names are supplanted by upstart blogs and vlogs – which themselves quickly become part of the establishment and in no time are challenged by startups. Many surveys rank … Continued

Barclays: the Eagle Lab has landed

At a time when many banks are closing their branches to save money, Barclays is diversifying and opening its ‘Eagle Labs’. The aim is to repurpose under-used branch spaces to bring digital knowledge to the communities that they serve – regardless of whether they are Barclays customers. Now you might ask what this has to … Continued

Nudge theory and beyond

The Drum recently ran an entire cover that simply said: ‘Marketing can change the world’. Sure, but, that doesn’t mean it can change literally anything you like. No, but Nudge theory has been trying for more than a decade. The early advertising agencies of the 1950s and 1960s focused on conscious, cerebral decision making – … Continued

The New Day Newspaper: A New Kid On The Block

Since the turn of the millennium and the unstoppable rise of the internet, the newspaper industry has been on a slippery slope to the grave. But a new kid on the block is hoping to reverse the downward trend of print, capturing the time-poor, information-hungry new generation and pulling them back to print with snappy … Continued

Facebook Reactions are here at last

Editor Jessica Phillipson explains why you can now LOVE us on Facebook and what it means for content You’ve seen the petitions. You’ve debated it with your friends. For years, Facebook users around the world have been appealing to bring in a ‘dislike’ button. Well now, the call has been answered and Facebook ‘Reactions’ are here. … Continued

Must Do Marketing in 2016: 4. Re-evaluate Your Marketing Spend

Where are you spending the bulk of your marketing budget at the moment? Are you giving enough attention to developing a relationship with your prospects and customers, rather than just focusing on brute force acquisition above the line? The classic marketing funnel model – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action – describes the cognitive phases a buyer … Continued

Why Big Data is Key to your Content Marketing Strategy

Rule number 1 in marketing is to be where your audience is. Rule number 2 is to be relevant to them. Big data refers to every piece of data collected every day, across thousands of sources and channels across the web. Vast volumes of data are being created and collected every minute; check out Data … Continued