Why dogs aren’t just for Christmas in content marketing

You must have noticed the sudden jump in the number of pleading-eyed pugs and scruffy mutts on your screen this year. That’s not by coincidence – it’s an extremely brazen form of emotional messaging. The use of canines in B2C marketing campaigns is one of the most popular trends to dominate content marketing in 2016. … Continued

Why VR is a game-changer for the motor industry

Whether it’s two people designing a car from opposite ends of the earth, or buying a car from your lounge, VR is shaking up the automotive landscape. Both VR and AR have made seismic waves in the motor industry, impacting on everything from car design, to brand awareness, to the buying process. Some are even … Continued

Like it or not, Reach is still king on Facebook…

Find out why reach is the most important metric on Facebook and see the seven key elements needed to achieve it. I was talking to a client recently about the reliability of social media metrics, against the backdrop of recent controversy over Facebook’s methodology for counting video views. Really? Let’s face it, anyone who has put a Facebook vs … Continued

A Headline from 2007: ‘The Importance of Social Marketing’.

Continuing the theme of reflecting on a series of articles I wrote back in 2007/2008 (the first on reaching Generation D (Digital) and how much the media and marketing landscape has changed since that time) the second article I wrote focused on the emergence then of a new buzz phrase called ‘social media’. What remains … Continued

Brands Need to Focus on Content or Risk Failure

In this age of constant business and marketing transformation, attempting to stay ahead of, or indeed keep up with technology is the single biggest challenge for businesses and brands. We have seen new content marketing philosophies, principles and frameworks come and go and, increasingly, reporting and focus both appear to be on the channels rather … Continued

Complexity of a Changing Digital Landscape (then and now).

I wrote a series of articles back in 2007/2008 about what was then the start of a rapidly changing marketing and business landscape and my own observations, thoughts and influences around what was happening then and how marketers and businesses could, should or might manage change at that time. This first article was about Reaching … Continued

Augmented reality goes mainstream with Pokémon GO

Today, mobile gaming phenomenon, Pokémon GO launches in the UK. How much you care about this will depend on your age – the game so far seems to be used by children enjoying the novelty and adults who were into Pokémon the first time round, reliving their youth (Pokémon cards were a playground staple in my day) … Continued

Embracing the ‘digital first’ model with BETV

The May/June 2016 edition of InPublishing magazine included a quote from Condé Nast MD Nicholas Coleridge, who gave The Marcus Morris Lecture at the annual PPA Festival: “No-one collects websites”. In their infancy, digital platforms were seen as a sort of archive for previously printed content, with content simply copied and pasted onto the relevant … Continued

Haunted by dead formats

Hypothesis: Art is created to fit the format, the format is not designed to fit the art.   Wax cylinder 1877–1915 Pros: Thomas Edison’s phonograph cylinder system was the earliest commercial medium for recording and reproducing sound. You could record things at home. Wore down slower than records. Cons: Expensive Bulky Recording length limited to two … Continued

Twitter is tweaking one of its most distinguishing features

Since securing the top spot back in October 2015, Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, has implemented a number of significant and controversial changes to the platform he helped to create ten years ago. There has been a clear trend in the changes made over the past nine months since Dorsey took the reins. Battling a declining … Continued