What will virtual reality do to our brains?

What are the real implications for virtual reality (VR)? And just how do our brains react while our eyes are tantalised in 360 degrees? I’ve quizzed the lucky rascals at the School of Psychology at the University of East Anglia to find out. What can virtual reality do to us? Professor Kenny Coventry leads the … Continued

Why VR is set to revolutionise the travel sector

IMAX has launched its first Virtual Reality Experience Centre in Los Angeles and congratulations to them – it looks like the solid consensus among reviewers is that they’ve really liked what they’ve seen. There’s a whole new way to experience content, just like that. Perhaps a VR Experience Centre like this flagship one will be … Continued

How to train your jargon

Consumers in a print-digital duopoly environment inload multi-format content based on subjectively judged projected likelihood of audience satisfaction. Nope, me neither. Let’s try that again. People read, watch or listen to something if they think they’ll like it. Alright, that’s a deliberately silly example for the sake of a joke. However, both of the above … Continued

Does your content marketing pass the Turing Test?

Can a computer convince you that it is actually a human being? That’s the purpose of the Turing Test, first proposed by the Enigma-cracking mathematician Alan Turing in his seminal 1950 paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence. The Turing Test is famous for being the holy grail of Artificial Intelligence research, but it’s also a valuable … Continued