Why VR is a game-changer for the motor industry

Whether it’s two people designing a car from opposite ends of the earth, or buying a car from your lounge, VR is shaking up the automotive landscape. Both VR and AR have made seismic waves in the motor industry, impacting on everything from car design, to brand awareness, to the buying process. Some are even … Continued

Augmented reality goes mainstream with Pokémon GO

Today, mobile gaming phenomenon, Pokémon GO launches in the UK. How much you care about this will depend on your age – the game so far seems to be used by children enjoying the novelty and adults who were into Pokémon the first time round, reliving their youth (Pokémon cards were a playground staple in my day) … Continued

Embracing the ‘digital first’ model with BETV

The May/June 2016 edition of InPublishing magazine included a quote from Condé Nast MD Nicholas Coleridge, who gave The Marcus Morris Lecture at the annual PPA Festival: “No-one collects websites”. In their infancy, digital platforms were seen as a sort of archive for previously printed content, with content simply copied and pasted onto the relevant … Continued

Barclays: the Eagle Lab has landed

At a time when many banks are closing their branches to save money, Barclays is diversifying and opening its ‘Eagle Labs’. The aim is to repurpose under-used branch spaces to bring digital knowledge to the communities that they serve – regardless of whether they are Barclays customers. Now you might ask what this has to … Continued

Facebook Reactions are here at last

Editor Jessica Phillipson explains why you can now LOVE us on Facebook and what it means for content You’ve seen the petitions. You’ve debated it with your friends. For years, Facebook users around the world have been appealing to bring in a ‘dislike’ button. Well now, the call has been answered and Facebook ‘Reactions’ are here. … Continued