Like it or not, Reach is still king on Facebook…

Find out why reach is the most important metric on Facebook and see the seven key elements needed to achieve it. I was talking to a client recently about the reliability of social media metrics, against the backdrop of recent controversy over Facebook’s methodology for counting video views. Really? Let’s face it, anyone who has put a Facebook vs … Continued

Facebook allows Branded Content

Content marketing has had a major boost on Facebook with the announcement that Branded Content, defined as a post that “specifically mentions or features a third party product, brand, or sponsor” is to be allowed on verified pages on the platform. It’s a very good opportunity to engage in content-led cross-promotion, sponsored content or celebrity/entertainment … Continued

Must Do Marketing 2016: 5. Putting Content First

Let’s get one thing straight: Content is no longer the preserve of traditional media, in fact what is “the media” now? It’s become increasingly fragmented as household names are supplanted by upstart blogs and vlogs – which themselves quickly become part of the establishment and in no time are challenged by startups. Many surveys rank … Continued

Must Do Marketing in 2016: 4. Re-evaluate Your Marketing Spend

Where are you spending the bulk of your marketing budget at the moment? Are you giving enough attention to developing a relationship with your prospects and customers, rather than just focusing on brute force acquisition above the line? The classic marketing funnel model – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action – describes the cognitive phases a buyer … Continued

Must Do Marketing in 2016: 3. Know Your Customer Better

When was the last time you took a deep-dive look at the interests and key media touchpoints of your customer? If it’s more than a year ago, think again: this landscape is changing faster than ever. Why? Consumers are open to being informed and entertained and brands that share their passions and interests can drive … Continued

Must do Marketing in 2016: 2. Love your data

Good decisions depend on good data. But are you gathering good data and using it to inform your content strategy, not just your online advertising tactics? Make it a resolution for 2016 to make a date with your data and learn to love it. While many look at data in media performance terms – and … Continued

Must Do Marketing in 2016: 1. Control The Controllables

It’s an age-old adage, but are you “controlling the controllables”? And is it a marketing priority for 2016? Owned media – like your website, your printed and email marketing communications, and your social content channels – are the areas that you have the most control over and if you haven’t refreshed your content strategy for … Continued

Online advertising fraud is highlighted by Doubleclick

Banner advertising’s challenges continue which has big implications for advertisers Trust in the medium is squeezed from both ends: With consumers choosing to use ad blocking, and brands finding the lack of transparency, especially in ad network and programmatic buys, costly. as trust in the medium is squeezed from both ends: With consumers choosing to … Continued

Ad Blocking: we need better content & better standards

As the 2015 Rugby World Cup launched with the hopes of the nation – and the incessant caterwauling of Paloma Faith on ITV – the International Rugby Board’s chief medical officer told BBC Panorama that concussion was an on-going concern and that the rules of rugby, specifically tackling, may need to change to counter it. … Continued