What does the iPhone X mean for your marketing plans?

Each iteration of the iPhone comes with new eye-catching features, and this year’s is no different. But the iPhone X’s addition of Augmented Reality (AR) promises to cause even more of a stir. Indeed, some are predicting that it could finally bring AR to the masses, opening up some interesting possibilities for marketers. AR into … Continued

Automotive marketing and the art of ‘anti-selling’

The future of automotive marketing looks set to be very different to what we have become accustomed to. Our technology contributor, James Day, investigates how Tesla is changing the rules. Marketing in the automotive industry usually relies on the big bucks to connect to its audience. Bill boards, pricy TV adverts and carefully crafted social … Continued

6 ways to avoid rubbish content

You need compelling written content for your communications. You need it for SEO and social success, for email and other direct channels. You need it fast and you need it regularly. But you don’t have the time, the team or the expertise to create it in-house, or you’re not sure what and how to write for specific … Continued

How to optimise your multilingual content strategy (part two)

Matt Colley continues his guide through the labyrinthine world of multilingual digital and print content in the second part of this series. So, you’ve read and digested my first article on multilingual content. If not, get to it! You’ve got good translators on board, your clients love your content, and you’ve set up your glossaries … Continued

Is your web content fit for purpose?

Your marketing plan screams for web content. Your website needs it, your social plan needs it and your emails could do with something more than just another samey sales message. Making sure you have great content across all channels is imperative and great SEO optimised text is the foundation of this. Video, VR and audio … Continued

What will virtual reality do to our brains?

What are the real implications for virtual reality (VR)? And just how do our brains react while our eyes are tantalised in 360 degrees? I’ve quizzed the lucky rascals at the School of Psychology at the University of East Anglia to find out. What can virtual reality do to us? Professor Kenny Coventry leads the … Continued

Enjoy your trip? Get onboard with your travel customers

To succeed, travel content needs to get onboard the new content marketing flagship. Captain of this ship is the consumer, but they should never travel alone. You need to join your customers on their journey. This means you need to talk with them, not at them. From the first research on a mobile device right … Continued

Secrets of successful content marketing in 2017

For success in content marketing in 2017, preparation and foresight is key. New ideas that would be no stranger to the realm of sci-fi are beginning to pique interest and set the benchmark for the future. Read on to discover the trends and new technologies that can help your content stand out for all the … Continued

Why VR is set to revolutionise the travel sector

IMAX has launched its first Virtual Reality Experience Centre in Los Angeles and congratulations to them – it looks like the solid consensus among reviewers is that they’ve really liked what they’ve seen. There’s a whole new way to experience content, just like that. Perhaps a VR Experience Centre like this flagship one will be … Continued

Making the most of digital magazines

Life used to be so simple; print was static, web pages could be animated. Now, digital magazines combine the full-page scale of the former but with all the possibilities of the latter. Digital magazines are a breed apart, so the rules of content are also different – links, videos, interactivity, animations are all part of the playbook. That … Continued

Mind your languages: how to optimise your multilingual content strategy

As global content marketers, one of the biggest challenges can be communicating your content and brand messages across multiple languages. With 15 years’ experience working on multilingual projects, Dialogue’s Managing Production Editor Matt Colley shares his tips on best practice and potential pitfalls when developing a multilingual content strategy in part 1 of a 2 … Continued

What Google did for content marketing in 2016

As 2016 begins to fade away in the rear-view mirror, it’s the perfect time to assess what search engine behemoth Google has been up to and its impact on content. It certainly hasn’t been idle. Change has been thrown at SEO specialists, writers and web designers with impunity, and more change is likely to come next year. … Continued