Automotive content marketing gold: dogs, car seats and cameras

How car-related searches suggest a valuable role for automotive content marketing… Think With Google has published a new report (February 2018) on trends within the auto sector – and what it unearthed is not only interesting for car accessory brands but also as automotive content marketing opportunities for brands themselves. The report pulled in top volume queries from … Continued

Dialogue sponsors The London Boat Show 2018

Dialogue and its parent company Archant are official media sponsors of the British Marine Federation’s 64th London Boat Show. The show also incorporates the boating and water sports holiday show, which takes place at London Excel on January 10th -14th 2018. The event chimes with Dialogue’s expertise in Luxury brand content and will feature 300 … Continued

Dialogue’s new Executive Director: Craig Nayman

Craig Nayman has joined Dialogue as Executive Director following a three year stint as Chief Commercial Officer for Archant. Craig originally joined Archant from the Red Cannon Consultancy where he worked on commercial development with brands such as Arsenal FC, The All England Club (Wimbledon), Bath Rugby, DCM (Digital Cinema Media), Sky, TV 3 in … Continued

What does the iPhone X mean for your marketing plans?

Each iteration of the iPhone comes with new eye-catching features, and this year’s is no different. But the iPhone X’s addition of Augmented Reality (AR) promises to cause even more of a stir. Indeed, some are predicting that it could finally bring AR to the masses, opening up some interesting possibilities for marketers. AR into … Continued

What will virtual reality do to our brains?

What are the real implications for virtual reality (VR)? And just how do our brains react while our eyes are tantalised in 360 degrees? I’ve quizzed the lucky rascals at the School of Psychology at the University of East Anglia to find out. What can virtual reality do to us? Professor Kenny Coventry leads the … Continued

Enjoy your trip? Get onboard with your travel customers

To succeed, travel content needs to get onboard the new content marketing flagship. Captain of this ship is the consumer, but they should never travel alone. You need to join your customers on their journey. This means you need to talk with them, not at them. From the first research on a mobile device right … Continued

Why VR is set to revolutionise the travel sector

IMAX has launched its first Virtual Reality Experience Centre in Los Angeles and congratulations to them – it looks like the solid consensus among reviewers is that they’ve really liked what they’ve seen. There’s a whole new way to experience content, just like that. Perhaps a VR Experience Centre like this flagship one will be … Continued

Why dogs aren’t just for Christmas in content marketing

You must have noticed the sudden jump in the number of pleading-eyed pugs and scruffy mutts on your screen this year. That’s not by coincidence – it’s an extremely brazen form of emotional messaging. The use of canines in B2C marketing campaigns is one of the most popular trends to dominate content marketing in 2016. … Continued

Why VR is a game-changer for the motor industry

Whether it’s two people designing a car from opposite ends of the earth, or buying a car from your lounge, VR is shaking up the automotive landscape. Both VR and AR have made seismic waves in the motor industry, impacting on everything from car design, to brand awareness, to the buying process. Some are even … Continued

Augmented reality goes mainstream with Pokémon GO

Today, mobile gaming phenomenon, Pokémon GO launches in the UK. How much you care about this will depend on your age – the game so far seems to be used by children enjoying the novelty and adults who were into Pokémon the first time round, reliving their youth (Pokémon cards were a playground staple in my day) … Continued

Embracing the ‘digital first’ model with BETV

The May/June 2016 edition of InPublishing magazine included a quote from Condé Nast MD Nicholas Coleridge, who gave The Marcus Morris Lecture at the annual PPA Festival: “No-one collects websites”. In their infancy, digital platforms were seen as a sort of archive for previously printed content, with content simply copied and pasted onto the relevant … Continued